Friday, November 30, 2007

Start/Sit: Week 13

Yes, I'm daring to show my face around here after recommending benching Favre on Thanksgiving. Turns out my crystal ball was one week off. Several readers of this blog will find this funny: C'est la Blackjack!


Start- Jason Campbell- This game is going to be an emotional one for the Redskins after the death of Sean Taylor. Teams in this situation can either rise above the grief and dedicate their efforts to their fallen teammate or they get crushed by the overwhelming sadness. My bet is on Washington to overcome their devastation and for Campbell to lead the way. He has shown enough improvement this year to cautiously place your faith in him. Forecast- 280 yards, 3 touchdowns, 1 interception

Sit- Carson Palmer- God, I am getting tired of recommending Palmer be benched. He's too good for that sort of treatment. Yes, I'm aware he had a great game last week. But going against Pittsburgh at Ketchup Field in potentially poor weather conditions is not my idea of a particularly successful scenario. Forecast- 225 yards, 1 touchdown, 2 interceptions

Running Back:

Start- Justin Fargas- I am finally sold on Huggy Bear Jr. He ran for 139 yards last week against a much improved KC defense. Now he gets Denver, who, while they have been better recently, have not conclusively proven they can stop anyone on the ground yet. HBJ ought to be able to bust the Broncos. Forecast- 110 yards, 1 touchdown

Sit- Maurice Jones-Drew- Last season must seem like a long time ago to MJD. His average is down a full yard per carry and he has scored half the touchdowns. To make matters worse, Fred Taylor seems to have borrowed Lt. Dan's "Magic Legs" because lately, he's running like a young Gump. The Colts are also somewhat stingy against the run and will stack 8 men in the box, daring David Garrard and his group of no-name receivers to beat them. Forecast- 55 yards

Wide Receiver:

Start- Wes Welker- Does anyone else need to be convinced yet? Any team that is determined to take Randy Moss out of the game is doomed to failure because Wes will torch them like he's wielding a flamethrower. The Baltimore D has fallen on some hard times especially when it comes to defending the pass. Having to face the Patriots is the exact opposite of finding the remedy for what ails them. Forecast- 7 receptions, 90 yards, 1 touchdown

Sit- Roy Williams- Roy Boy is not a happy camper in D-town lately. The self-professed "Cheapest Man in the NFL" has found the Lions are being a little stingy themselves in regards to the amount of targets Williams has received (only 7 last week.) The Vikings are coming off their mauling of Eli Manning and the Midgets last week and are hungry for more. It'll be hard for Jon Kitna to target Williams more while he's flat on his back staring at the Metrodome's lights. Forecast- 5 receptions, 60 yards

Tight End:

Start- Tony Scheffler- Scheffler continues to impress recently. He has not caught less than 3 balls in a game since October 7. With the continued injury woes of Javon Walker (and now Brandon Stokely), Jay Cutler needs somebody to throw to. Scheffler could continue to be that guy. Forecast- 5 receptions, 50 yards, 1 touchdown

Sit- Owen Daniels- Despite my recommendation of sitting him, Daniels remains a decent TE option for the rest of the year. I just think that he won't be very good this particular week. Tennessee should see the return of Albert Haynesworth, a premiere defensive player whose presence they have sorely missed. The Titans look to make a strong stand and that doesn't bode well for any Texan, Daniels included. Forecast- 4 receptions, 40 yards


Start- St. Louis- Whether or not I have lost my mind is certainly up for debate. What is not up for debate is that the Rams have been playing better in recent weeks. They face the Patron Saint of the Brain Freeze, Joey Harrington, this Sunday. Can you say "Enticing Matchup?" Forecast- 3 sacks, 2 interceptions

Sit- New York Giants- The Midgets must be ashamed of themselves this week after the drubbing they took against Minnesota on both sides of the ball. They might be good and revved up to face the Bears this week. However, if they happen to get "Good Rex", they could be in trouble yet again. The secondary in particular is prone to giving up big plays and, when Grossman is "on", he is capable of turning in a couple of those. Forecast- 2 sacks

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