Tuesday, November 20, 2007

In Kellen We Trust and other thoughts from Week 11

Jets-19 Steelers-16.....I believe this qualifies as "Miracle at the Meadowlands, Part II."

The Jets are a completely different team with Kellen Clemens at the helm. He's got all the intangibles of Pennington (intelligence, guts, a belief in himself and the team) and all the physical characteristics that Chad lacks (strong arm and the ability to scramble). No, he doesn't blow anyone away with his numbers, but the Steelers defense played well for the most part and are considered to be one of the top D's in the league. Clemens didn't panic when he led the Jets on the game tying drive and made several key plays (his toss to Chris Baker was huge, as was his scramble for a first down.) Give him another year to get completely used to the speed of the pro game and to develop the ability to read the defense better....He will be a special quarterback in this league someday.

On to the other thoughts:

- We now enter Week 2 of the Search for Adam Vinatieri. Federal Marshalls swarmed Area 51, but apparently the aliens who have kidnapped the Colts kicker were able to elude them. The search is now rumored to include every outhouse and hen house as well. The dragnet is also being widened in the hopes of discovering what happened to the entire Indianapolis offense.

- Boy, how much lower can Byron Leftwich's career sink? You know things are going badly when Falcon fans are rooting for Joey Harrington, Patron Saint of the Brain Freeze, to take over.

- I'm guessing that I, at age 37, out of shape and woefully inadequate in most athletic endeavors, could get 40 yards running behind the Minnesota O-line. Chester Taylor doesn't seem like such a bad backup plan now.

- The Pats hung more points on some poor foe, Moss scores four more touchdowns (unwilling to be bested by the other #81, T.O) and Brady continues to prove the existence of God's effect on mankind. Ho hum.

- Would someone mind telling me which Arizona defense is for real, the one we saw from last weekend or the one that allowed St. Louis to torch them for 31 points in Week 5? If the answer is the former, I'm guessing they're probably available on your league's Waiver Wire and and worthy of deep consideration.

- Donald Lee has quietly become a fantasy force this season.

- Very strange Phil Dawson field goal....The Ravens must be consulting every Feng Shui expert in the country in an attempt to dispel this black cloud that has been hanging over them lately.

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