Monday, November 12, 2007

No party for Marty

Martin Brodeur, arguably the finest goalie to ever play hockey, had a chance to win his 500th game Saturday night, an incredible feat that will be feted by the hockey community when it does happen (and rightfully so).

However, no team wants to make history as being the losing side in such an historic game and the New York Islanders were no exception.

The Islanders played a tight, focused contest (achieving the remarkable accomplishment of not recording ANY penalties) and held off the Devils 2-1. Miroslav Satan recorded his third straight game winning goal. He's as hot as the sun right now.

After the game, Brodeur exhibited a bad case of Sour Grapes, claiming "I don't think they beat us. Look at the two goals they got." Ok,'s a way to look at "the two goals they got": No matter how they happened, they both ended up in the net behind closed...end of story. Funny how he didn't mention that the Devils lone goal was accidentally knocked into the net by Islanders defenseman Brendan Witt.

Clearly, Brodeur was agitated and disappointed that he didn't reach his milestone on this particular night, but making such statements is beneath him. He knows better than anyone that all goals count the same, whether they were created by a beautiful, Bobby Orr-like, End to End rush or they barely trickle across the plane of the goalmouth. Matteau's series winning goal that clinched the game for the Rangers in 1994 against Brodeur was no beauty, either. But, boy, did it ever count.

Next time, Marty, try closing your mouth (as well as your legs) and you'll let fewer goals in...and fewer stupid remarks out.

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