Monday, September 22, 2008

WXW debuts in Central Florida

(Readers: Though this blog primarily concerns itself with football and hockey, I want to bring to the attention of any pro wrestling fans the successful debut of Afa Anoai's WXW (World Xtreme Wrestling) promotion in Central Florida. Also known as Afa the Wild Samoan, Mr. Anoai runs one of the most well known and respected wrestling schools in the world and has worked with many superstars of the business. I will be posting future updates about the school and the promotion in this space.)

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In front a packed house at the Minneola Recreation Center, WXW successfully held its debut show in Central Florida on September 20th, 2008. The crowd was filled with families and children of all ages who attended WXW’s family friendly event. Not only did families enjoy WXW, but so did Minneola Mayor David Yeager. The Mayor was in attendance and presented WWE Hall of Famer Afa The Wild Samoan with the KEY TO THE CITY! Due to the success of the show and it's strong attendance, Mayor Yeager has already stated that he will welcome WXW back to Minneola in the near future. The Mayor however did not have a smooth evening as his welcome and introduction to the crowd was interrupted by The Perfect Creation, who came to the ring and insulted him. However, the Mayor exacted a measure of revenge later that evening, costing Perfect Creation his chance to win the WXW Heavyweight Title. Minneola City Councilman Pat Kelley also paid a price for his wanting to cut funding to the Minneola Recreation Department. WXW Champion Sugaa pleased the crowd by suplexing Kelley in the center of the ring!

The wrestlers of WXW put on a fabulous show for the packed house and the residents of Minneola did not go home disappointed. The event was taped for WXW Rage TV and the crowd let themselves be heard with loud ovations throughout the night.

WXW will return to Minneola for Fall Fest, Saturday October 25th at the Minneola Trailhead Park. This show is free to the public, courtesy of the City of Minneola. WXW thanks all of our fans for attending the debut show and hopes to see even more at our upcoming events in Minneola and Leesburg, Florida!

Full Match Results
Mad Man Mandrake def. Jerrelle Clark
Zero Gravity def. Ivan Radski
Bane def. David Mercury
Havoc and C.J. O'Doyle went to Double DQ and brawled back to the locker room
Sgt. Hardcore def. Convict #1
Mercedes Martinez def. Rain
Xtreme Billy Dream def. DJ Hyde
Sugaa def. Perfect Creation to keep the WXW Title after Mayor David Yeager interfered in the match.

Upcoming Dates:
Saturday October 25th – FALL FEST – Minneola Park – Belltime 5:00 PM
Sunday October 26th – Leesburg Armory – Belltime 6:00 PM
Saturday November 15th – WXW ELITE 8 Woman’s Tournament - Leesburg Armory – Belltime 7:30 PM
Saturday December 20th – Minneola Recreation Center – Belltime 7:30 PM