Saturday, November 3, 2007

Guest Column: Against the Spread picks- Week 9 by William Jones

Ok kids.....I'm back with the picks for the NFL Week 9. A quick reminder that these picks are for entertainment purposes only. Don't put your hard earned money on players who get paid regardless of the outcome. And, if you do, there is one key element to pay attention to: Don't let your wife find out.

Cincinnati -1 @ Buffalo - This may be the lock of the century. Ocho Cinco is not pleased with his recent lack of opportunities to showcase his entertaining end zone antics and will look to rectify the situation post-haste. He needs the ball and shall receive it this week. I have no idea who is running the ball for the Tiger-Cats, but with their air attack, who cares? The Cinci Offense outpaces the suspect Bills O and wins by a landslide!

Washington - 3.5 @ NYJ - OK, the Jets are my boys and I hate picking against them but their best player (L. Coles) is out. Gunslinger QB Kellen C. gets a shot and that should spell turnovers all day for Jersey's second team. The Redskins' D will be itching to erase last week's embarrassment against the Pats. Washington runs the ball all day, Los Jets can't stop the run...any questions?


Green Bay +2 @ Kansas City-Yeah, I know they had a short week, a tough overtime win at Mile High and Arrowhead is an impossible place to visit and win but you can't count the Pack out...I love the D and Favre is having the time of his life. LJ is nice, but I can't see the QB situation in KC overcoming that fierce D. So much against them and Green Bay gets the win anyway!

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