Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Not "Raven" about the "Reffin''... and other thoughts from Week 13

I am not a "Conspiracy Theorist" by any means. Nor am I a fan of the Baltimore Ravens. However, I think there might be some slight credence to opinion that is making it's way around the NFL these days: The league is more interested in the Patriots having an undefeated season than it is in fair play.

There were several questionable calls made during Pats-Ravens game Monday night. Towards the end of the fourth quarter, with the Patriots driving and seemingly running out of hope, the calls against the Ravens started to get more bizarre. Granted, the refs didn't force Rex Ryan to take his ill-advised timeout which cost the Ravens the game (the defense had stopped the New England on 4th & 1, only to have the play nullified due to Ryan calling a timeout moments before the ball was snapped.) However, the call on Bart Scott for complaining about a ruling was unjustified. Scott's overreaction in throwing the flag into the stands, costing his team another 15 yards, was his own fault. But the frustration was certainly understandable.

Then comes the "Boy" allegation made by Samari Rolle, contending that one of the officials referred to him in a derogatory manner. The league is investigating this as well. Stay tuned.

Onto the other thoughts:

- I think the Redskins' starting the game with 10 men on the field in tribute to Sean Taylor is one of the noblest gestures I've ever seen. The organization chose to honor one of their leaders in a unique fashion and showed us all that, shockingly, there are more important things in this life than winning a football game.

- I suppose we can all stop worrying about Adrian Peterson's knee now. Not a bad performance by "Hey, I was here first!" Peterson of Chicago either.

- The Jets proved, despite the god-awful ugly uniforms, they are able to beat up on somebody. Memo to Miami: If you can't beat the Jets, you're not beating anybody.

- I think Sidney Rice may turn out to be the steal of the wide receivers in last year's draft. And yes, that includes "Megatron" Calvin Johnson.

- Javon Walker, please stay off the field until you are healthy enough to contribute fantasy-wise. I haven't been teased this badly since the fourth grade, when someone discovered my last name is the same as a very popular corn oil with an annoying jingle.

- Would anyone have ever guessed before the season that Fred Taylor would have more rushing yards than MJD? You go, Triple F! (Formerly Fragile Freddy)

- So, let me get this straight: Chris Redman, the guy who couldn't hold off Kyle Boller in Baltimore, is the latest quarterback savior for the Falcons? Have you no shame at all, Bobby Petrino?

- I guess we can give Randy Moss a mulligan for dropping that pass in the end zone, even though he cost me an undefeated fantasy season in one of my leagues by doing so. However, his fashion sense is atrocious. The pin stripe suit he wore to the post game press conference went all the way to 11, if you know what I mean.

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