Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Vinatieri replaced by an alien...and other thoughts from Week 10

What a weird game Sunday night....Who would've possibly imagined that Peyton Manning would throw six interceptions, Adam Vinatieri would miss two field goals and the Colts STILL had a chance to win?

Vinatieri, I cannot fathom. Here is one of the greatest clutch kickers in the history of the league and he blows THAT chip-shot? Clearly, he was kidnapped prior to the game and an extra-terrestrial was put out in his place. Bad field or not, it was a shame because of how desperately the Colts battled to get back into that game. However, the injuries are mounting on both sides of the ball now with Dwight Freeney expected to miss several weeks. Still, I wouldn't worry about a complete Indianapolis free-fall about to occur, with games coming up against Atlanta, Oakland and Houston. Let's face it: If they lose to those teams, even with their current injury woes, they won't deserve a chance to defend their title.

On to the other thoughts from the week:

- Here's a question about the Cardinals-Lions game: Since he's so close with both Kurt Warner and Jon Kitna, which QB did God want to win? Obviously Warner.

- Speaking of Grocery Boy, it was nice to see him finally realize that Larry Fitzgerald can be thrown to in the Red Zone. You may recall I took him to task for this a couple of weeks ago. Too bad it took Anquan Boldin being majorly hobbled with a bad hip for Kurt to look elsewhere.

- Fine, I'll be the one to say it: Brett Favre for MVP. I know the entire football world is on the Tom Brady bandwagon, but I say this: There is no one player more important to his team than Favre is to the Packers. Without his play, the Packers are a .500 squad at best. Isn't this really the definition of Most Valuable Player? The Patriots would still be a good squad without Brady at the helm. Not anywhere near as good as they are now, but good enough to compete.

-Another Favre-like thought: I've heard many people say that Jay Cutler reminds them of a young Favre. I say, if you're going to give anyone with that honor, you have to give it to Big Ben Roethlisberger. Tough as nails, scrambles well when he needs to, competes until the final whistle and always gives his team a chance to win with his arm. Sounds like Brett to me.

-Was that an Alge Crumpler sighting this past weekend? Great gumdrops, it was!

- Kind of a heartbreaking moment to see AP get injured after the amazing rookie campaign he's had so far. I'm glad it doesn't look like it will end his season. But I have one question: Did Peterson not being able to run the ball somehow contribute to the decline of Minnesota's ability to stop other teams from rushing against them? What the Sam Hill happened to the league's second best rushing defense? Ryan Grant galloped all day like a modern Red Grange against them.

- When will Brian Westbrook get the honor he deserves as being one of the top 5 running backs in the game right now? He has 54 receptions out of the backfield, people...to say nothing about 700 yards rushing and 9 total touchdowns. The Eagles are an impotent offense when he's not in the lineup. How does he keep getting ignored? He'd be #2 in my MVP argument behind Favre.

-The Giants looked much tougher against the Dolphins in London. I guess that's what happens when you go up against a team that has a quarterback named Cleo Lemon (I still can't stop laughing when I say his name. Do you realize he throws to a TE named Justin PEELLE? "Lemon...to Peelle...Espresso! I mean, touchdown!")

- How happy is Rex Grossman right now?

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