Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Return of the (previously thought to be) Dead and other thoughts from Week 3

Ok, everybody...raise your hand if you thought Kurt Warner would see the field for meaningful action this year in any other scenario than Matt Leinart being injured.

Ok, let me take a look...You in the back? No?....All right...I come up with exactly....zero hands.

Kurt Warner? Joey Harrington? Roddy White? Nate Burleson?

Who in their right minds could have predicted that ANY of these players would've had a significant Fantasy impact in Week Three? Gotta love the NFL. Who's next? Christian Okoye comes back to spell LJ and runs for 200 yards?

On to the thoughts:

- Good Lord, those Philadelphia uniforms. I haven't seen anything that ugly since I was ten years old and my dentist showed me a picture of a patient who had something called "Trenchmouth". I'm being kind here....This is what the Eagles should do: Auction off the game used uniforms, donate the money to charity, burn the designs, send the "innovator" whose idea this was into hiding in Albania and let's all move on with our lives.

- Staying on the Eagles, their offense moved on the Detroit D like Napoleon through Austerlitz. That's a good thing for Donovan McNabb because, had Philly gone 0-3, he might've been exiled as well....perhaps to a small island in the middle of Lake Muhlenberg.

- I think the Saints are in very, very serious trouble. Tennessee completely outclassed them last night. The news that Deuce McAllister is likely done for the year did not help them any, either. An unfortunate blow to a team that had very high expectations.

- The Giants saved their season with that goal line stand. In fairness, though, I think it speaks more about the Redskins inability to muster a consistently decent red zone offense than anything else.

- Memo to the officials: Either enforce the Horse Collar Tackle rule or choose not to. But do not do what you did on Sunday night in the Bears-Cowboys game. Roy Williams (the man for whom the rule was created) performed the illegal move to bring down Desmond Clark and was rightfully penalized 15 yards. However, on the very next series, the Chicago defense perpetrated the very same horse collar tackle on Julius Jones and was penalized...nothing. It's a very clear judgement, guys...If you tackle someone by grabbing them by the back collar of their jersey and drag them down, it's a penalty. Case closed. There should be none of this "Well, it was just the jersey....You need to get your hand under the shoulder pads" talk.

- I really pity the Buffalo Bills. It seems like they are getting more than their fair share of severe injuries. On the bright side, there's has been a lot of positive progress in regards to Kevin Everett and that's something we should all feel good about.

- Phillip Rivers may have actually arrived as an NFL QB this past week. At this point, he and Antonio Gates are about the only things San Diego has going for them.

That's all for now...look for my upcoming NHL preview later this week.

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