Saturday, September 22, 2007

Guest Column: Against the Spread Picks- Week 3 by William Jones

We took our lumps in the SD game but we got even with the GB pick to win outright. Then, the pick that looked like pure gold, Seattle -3 over the lowly Cardinals of Arizona, was about to be put away. Seattle was the running the ball with purpose on a clock killing drive that would, in 99 out of 100 cases, produce the game winning TD. In the end, the Two Stooges, Matt and Shaun, make with the pratfall and fumble us into a 1-2 week. But that's fine because we can make it right with the following "fumble-free" picks.

Carolina -3.5 vs. Atlanta - The points dropped from -4 indicating the Atlantites are putting their cash on the Dirty Birds in this one and Vegas needs to make the Panthers more advantageous to balance the action. Well, they didn't have to sell me as the Falcons don't have the firepower to make this competitive. Steve Smith will break a few but will be a decoy for most of the game. Look for the Defense to land half of the points for Carolina. Take Carolina and give up the ugly 3.5 number.

Tampa Bay -3.5 vs. St. Louis - Although we hate the 3.5 number, we'd give up 5.5 in this game as the Bucs are back, baby! Jeff Garcia and his large, bumpy head is the Yoda of the West Coast offense. St. Lunatics D has many holes and the O-Line is still hurting with two guys having to jump around from their natural positions to try to defend Bulger. Tampa Bay is playing at home AND...last week we had national Pirate appreciation Day so all signs point to the Bucs playing Kevorkian as they pull the plug on the Rams. Yo ho ho!


Detroit +6 at Philadelphia - Philly has many key injuries and a QB who is flapping his gums to scout out suitors for next year's contract. The formerly airtight McNabb is falling apart at the seams! This game is easy...Detroit can play on both sides of the ball and, even if Philly finds someone to play defense, he'll need ten more just like him. It's simple...Lions offense beats Philly D and Lions D eats up Philly O because it's only real receiver, TE LJ Smith, on the shelf again with a hangnail. Go rent the Brinks truck to bring home the "booty"...Don't forget national Pirate Day! Yo ho ho! Take the Lions with 6 huge points!

We're 1-2 looking now, but can expect nothing less than a clean sweep this week! Go git some!

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