Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Brady who? Thoughts from Week Two

I'm guessing that everyone who had already anointed Brady Quinn as the starter for Cleveland's next game probably has been popping Zantac by the hour after all the crow they had to eat. Derek Anderson absolutely shredded the Bungles defense (who themselves were highly touted after a strong Week One showing against that offensive powerhouse, the Ravens) on Sunday, proving that perhaps the Quinn era is not quite ready to get started yet.

On to the thoughts:

-What was up with the Steelers ridiculous uniforms? I really thought I was watching the Ampipe (H.S) Bulldogs from the Tom Cruise 1983 movie "All The Right Moves" play the Bills. Come to think of it, the game probably would've had a similar result.

-I think you have to hand it to Jets, who gave Baltimore everything they could handle. Kellen Clemmens showed that he may have a very bright future, performing as well as he did against the Ravens crushing defense (whom I'm not so scared of anymore). But the next thing Justin McCareins may catch is the slip of paper informing him he has been waived if he plays another game like that. He'd probably drop that as well.

-Didn't Marvin Lewis once have a reputation as being one of the better defensive coaches in the league? Bang up job you're doing there in Cincy, Marv. I guess it helps the scheme when you have Ray Lewis and company carrying it out. (I think I have the Ravens on the brain. This is their third mention in this column thus far.)

-Ok, let's shift now to former Ravens. Welcome back to the land of Fantasy Relevance, Jamal Lewis. Lewis set the clock back with his performance last week. I can see good (but not great) things for him in the future....maybe 1,000 yards and 8 touchdowns. It won't win you your league, but it's nice to see a guy most people had already written off remind everyone he's not through yet.

-I guess I'd be remiss if I didn't weigh in on the week's biggest story, Videogate. Bill Belichick exhibited a stunning amount of gall to continue his illicit practice against Man-Genius, who probably held the camcorder himself a few times in his stint as a Pats assistant. Pride goeth before a fall, Bill. The fines were not devastating (although, I don't care if you're Bill Gates, 500k hurts no matter who you are), but the loss of potentially two draft picks is going to affect the future of the Patriots considerably. A harsh lesson learned and for what? I highly doubt they needed to steal the Jets signals in order to beat them.

-Following up on this story, I was checking the standings in the New York Post yesterday and saw an asterisk next the Pats. Confused, I looked further and saw it stood for "Caught Cheating". Ah, Rupert Murdoch...you are one class act, brother.

-I don't believe I've ever witnessed a a greater example of a wide receiver unwilling to give up on a play than Steve Smith's remarkable touchdown reception against the Texans. He shed no fewer than three certain tackles to escape and gallop more than half the field for the score. He may be small in stature, but week in and week out, he plays with the heart of a lion. Take note, kids....the only person who can stop you from reaching your potential in life is yourself.

-Another story about playing with heart is Brett Favre. At an age when many quarterbacks have retired and are living the good life, Favre continues to enjoy playing with the enthusiasm of a seven year old on Christmas morning. I believe he sees each game as a gift and is determined to enjoy his career and performing for the fans to the fullest. It's a wonder to witness

-On a final point, I have no idea what is going on with New Orleans these days, but Sean Payton is definitely on the hot seat as far as righting that particular ship. With the array of talent that the Saints possess on offense, there's no reason they shouldn't have beaten Tampa Bay.

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