Thursday, September 27, 2007

Guest Column: College Football Picks by William Jones

Last week saw Air Force and Georgia Tech laying eggs while Wake Forest covered the 3 points (in OT, yet!) kept me from going "o-fer". This week's picks have been brought to you by the letters "E", "I" and "S" as in Etched In Stone!

West Virginia -7 visiting Southern Florida - The USF team is nice, but the juggernaut known as the Mountaineers offense has a chip on their shoulder with all the gurus saying they played in a weak conference last year. Now, with USF getting some national attention, this is where WV gets "over" on the "Marks". SF has great team speed on defense, but the Mountaineers have insane firepower with White and Slaton...this one could be a nail biter or a blow out, but, either way, WVU wins it.

Cincinnati -14 visiting San Diego State - Ah, SDSU. The ivy covered walls...the tradition...the academic pride...or not. I'm in SoCal and it's all about Babes and Booze down there. Cincinnati, however, is for real. We're looking at a team that, on average, wins 45-7. It will be a late start for Cincy(10PM EST), but they flew into Oregon State and won by 31 points two weeks ago. This is a Titanium pick! Cinci wins by 40.

UPSET SPECIAL OF THE WEEK!! - Air Force +2.5 visiting Navy at Annapolis -The Air Force Academy was torched by BYU through the air (ironic, eh?)where they are weak. The good news is Navy's Pass to Run ratio is 1:4. AFA is built to stop the run, giving up just over 15 points a game. Since both teams run the ball, this will be a game with fewer possessions and fewer drives, keeping the score close. I expect AFA to win this one outright!

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