Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Revenge: Sweet for some, bitter for others...thoughts from Week 4

Week 4 saw a number of "Revenge" games in the NFL....players that suited up against their recent former teams. There were a number of good performances turned in, but who could top Daunte Culpepper's thrashing of the Dolphins? DC basically told the Fins "How you like Joey Harrington over me now?"

Jamal Lewis scored a touchdown against the Ravens and their defense which, according to Ray Lewis, "has no weaknesses". I guess there might have been ONE weakness, eh, Ray? I mean, considering the fact that your team lost and all.

Matt Schaub played well, but couldn't pull out a win against Atlanta and Darrell Jackson barely made Seattle notice he was on the field. Just remember, guys: Revenge is a dish best served cold. The Count of Monte Cristo waited over a decade for his revenge. Your time will come much sooner.

On to the thoughts:

- Anyone who cannot share in the joy of Brett Favre breaking the record for touchdown passes thrown is not a real football fan. I have written before of how refreshing it is to see Favre's true love of the game on display every week, but nothing could exceed the euphoria a true fan must have felt when he saw Brett sprint down the field after the historic throw. One question, though: Do you think Green Bay management has a collective heart attack every time Favre picks one of these guys up on his shoulders and runs around with them? The possibility of straining something important would be high, I feel.

- A disgusting situation in Cincinnati occurred (and I'm not talking about the Bengals performance) when New England's Mike Vrabel, having just caught a touchdown pass, ran to the stands, offered a Bengals fan the ball, then snatched it away from him. It was a surprisingly classless move by a normally upstanding individual. The fans pay your salary, Mike...remember that the next time you diss one on national television.

- Was anyone else impressed by Green Bay punter John Ryan ducking and weaving for a first down on the fake punt attempt? I haven't seen such movement from Ryan since he took down Sean Miller in the movie "Patriot Games". Oh wait, that was Jack Ryan. My apologies.

- A rather impressive defensive effort by the Giants, no? You would've figured that, eventually, The Eagles could have given Winston Justice some help in defending against Osi Umenyiora when the Nigerian Nightmare recorded his 5th sack of the night. What were they thinking? The sixth time would be the charm? If I'm Donovan McNabb (and I'm glad I'm not), I'm pretty peeved right now with Andy Reid.

- Where have you gone, Rex Grossman? A Bears Nation turns it's lonely eyes to you...boo hoo hoo.

All right, people: Pigskins and Pucks will be going on hiatus until late October, owing to the fact that I'm marrying Mrs. Pigskins&Pucks this Sunday and going on our honeymoon to Tobago.

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