Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ask not for whom the bell tolls......

...it tolls for thee, Chad Pennington.

While the season-long struggles of the Jets can be more attributed to an indescribably horrific defensive showing, it can no longer be ignored that, though Pennington is a warrior who will go through a wall each every week in an attempt to win, the winds of change are blowing in Hempstead. It is time to see if Kellen Clemmens can shoulder the load. His stronger arm will lead to more downfield chances and will give the Jets a chance to compete in the shootouts that will inevitably ensue due to the aforementioned lack of defense. It may not be the definitive answer, but clearly something must be done before the Jets end up with the #2 pick behind the Dolphins (come to think of it, that wouldn't be a bad thing).

More thoughts from Week 7:

- Tom Brady throws six more td passes, giving him 27 for the season (or, to put it another way, 1 more than all of last season.) Are you kidding me? We all knew his receiving corps would be improved over last season, but let's look closer: I feel the credit must go to an outstanding offensive line. They clearly keep Brady upright and give him the time to dissect the defense.

- Tough news for Ronnie Brown. The league's leading rusher one day, candidate for ACL surgery the next. The Dolphins certainly weren't going anywhere this year anyway, but now they are the obvious frontrunners in the Draft Day sweepstakes.

- Great news for Titans fans. Your team never needs to score another touchdown again. Just let Rob Bironas kick 8 field goals every single week. Who would've guessed that anyone, let alone a kicker, would've stolen Brady's thunder on Sunday?

- You really have to feel for Frank Gore these days. The guy is such a competitor, he played the entire second half "purely on Adrenalin" according to a source while battling an ankle sprain. There was no way the Niners were going to win that game and no one would've faulted Gore for sitting and trying to remain healthy for the rest of the schedule. The San Francisco coaching staff should've stepped in and made him take a seat.

- Ye Gods, a Running Back by Committee situation in Indy? Is nothing sacred? All Joseph Addai owners, if they haven't already, need to lay their hands on Kenton Keith asap. You may even consider breaking one of Fantasy Football's most highly touted Commandments: Thou shalt never, under any circumstance, play two RB's from the same backfield. With the Colts passing game the way it is, Indy can easily play Ball Control in the second half of most games. If they are going to continue to alternate carries between the two, you could probably do worse for your RB scoring.

- I think that, if I'm a Larry Fitzgerald owner, I'm wondering if Fitz did something bad to Kurt Warner (perhaps had an affair with his wife, then left her stranded in the desert with no gas) that makes God Boy ignore him in the Red Zone. Warner seems to look for everybody else (Anquan Boldin, Leonard Pope, the waterboy, Laura Bush) but Larry when it comes time to score.

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