Friday, August 3, 2007

Jets Analysis 2007-08 Part II

The Jets attempted to solve their lack of a pass rush by signing Kenyon Coleman, David Bowens Michael Haynes and Andre Wadsworth. Whether any of these pickups is the solution remains to be seen.....Revis is royally screwing up his opportunity to take over the starting CB position. He needs to swallow that 6th year and end his holdout. No good is going to come from this, mark my words.....The rest of the CB’s have much to prove, but I have a feeling that Justin Miller is going to eventually be a good one in this league.....Love the drafting of David Harris. The kid is a gamer who is going to make Jonathan Vilma and Bryan Thomas even better by his steady play once he gets over the rookie jitters and adjusts to the speed of the pro game.....Expect another solid season from Kerry Rhodes, but Erik Coleman needs to step up big time.....This is a make-or-break year for Dewayne Robertson at NT. He must provide the run stopping presence that the Jets have missed since the departure of Jason Ferguson. Sione Pouha also needs to prove he can stay healthy and spell Robertson. Without a major contribution from these two, the defense will continue to give up loads of running yards.....Shaun Ellis needs a return to his 2003 sack totals (12.5) in order for this defense to make strides, but doing so is incumbent upon another threat from somewhere else on the line. I don’t see that happening.

Special Teams in Part III...stay tuned

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