Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Isles sign Vasicek

If you read some of my previous posts, you'll note that I was not in favor of signing Josef Vasicek, Jeff O'Neill or Jason Allison.

You would also discover that I am not a big fan of trading away prospects for short term fixes. Therefore, if the Isles were determined to address the Center position, I am glad they went about it by signing a unrestricted FA.

The Isles signed Vasicek for a 1 year deal at $750K. While I feel my plan to go out and get Ossi Vaananen or Nolan Pratt to bolster the defense would have been the better way to go, I am not completely unhappy with this situation.

Vasicek does have more untapped potential than the other two centers, he is younger, and he is known for being a hard worker. If he can score 20 this year and make his linemates a little better, he will have been worth the very small gamble of $750K.

Welcome to the Isles, Josef. Play hard every night and the fans will love you.

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