Sunday, May 11, 2008

NFL Fantasy Outlook-Prospects-Round Two-Part One of Four

So much of a prospect's fantasy fortunes can depend upon the team that drafted him. Good players can become great ones in the right system. On the flip side, great players can sometimes fight a losing battle in the wrong ones.

Here's a look at where the prospects were selected in the 2nd round of the '08 Draft and their current situations from a Fantasy Perspective:

Donnie Avery-WR-Selected 33rd Overall by the St. Louis Rams- It was a complete surprise that the first round ended without a WR being taken and an even bigger surprise that Avery was chosen for the honor in the second. He is quick, however and could play a part in "The Greatest Show on Turf, Part 2". With the current group of WR's on the Rams' roster, Avery could see meaningful snaps this season.

Devin Thomas-WR-Selected 34th Overall by the Washington Redskins- An excellent package of speed and strength, Thomas steps into a very good situation in Washington. With only Santana Moss and Antwaan Randle El as reliable receivers, he could conceivably leapfrog also-rans like Billy McMullen and James Thrash with a good camp. Don't be surprised if Thomas ends up as the Slot WR on this team before October rolls around.

Jordy Nelson-WR-Selected 36th Overall by the Green Bay Packers- Nelson enters a packed Green Bay Receiving Corps with the larger issue of Brett Favre's retirement throwing the entire offense into a state of flux. However crowded the group might be, though, there are certain indisputable facts: 1. Donald Driver is 33 and will likely not maintain a high level of play much longer, 2. Greg Jennings is a fine talent but has recurring injury issues and 3. Neither Ruvell Martin nor James Jones have distinguished themselves as of yet. Nelson, a possession receiver in the mold of Joe Jurevicius, could carve out a place for himself (although probably not in his first year).

John Carlson-TE-Selected 38th Overall by the Seattle Seahawks- Carlson, despite the fact that he is not terribly dynamic and doesn't perform any aspect of his job with an exceptional degree of skill, has the chance to step into the starting role of Seahawk TE as a rookie. However, this accolade is due more to the fact that the rest of the Seattle TE's (Will Heller and Jeb Putzier) have shown an inability to seize their own opportunities in the role. It would appear that the Seahawks intend to go with more of a running scheme going forward as Carlson's potential is greater in the area of Blocking, not Pass Catching.

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