Thursday, March 20, 2008

Jets Spread Green Around to Free Agents

Here are some of the players the New York Jets have signed during the Free Agency period and their contracts:

Alan Faneca- 5 years, $40 million

Calvin Pace- 6 years, $42 million

Damien Woody- 5 years, $25 million


Is this the same organization that refused to give Pete Kendall, a senior member of their offensive line and designated "good soldier", a lousy $1 million raise....that he was apparently promised?

I'm not sure what's behind the new largess the Jets are showing. Perhaps they were motivated by their bullying Big Brother Giants winning the Super Bowl and casting an even further shadow over Gang Green. Maybe GM Mike Tannenbaum and Coach Eric Mangini are feeling the weight of a poor season and are attempting to rectify the situation immediately. Maybe Owner Woody Johnson just feels like throwing money around to Anyone and Everyone. (I like this last scenario and want to tell Mr. Johnson that, if he is indeed this generous, he can send me some, care of this blog.)

Whatever the case may be, I'm all for New York improving it's football team. I just question the manner in which they've chosen to do it.

Overpaying for Free Agents is always a dicey proposition. For instance, Alan Faneca has been a Pro Bowl player numerous times in his career. He will likely bring stability to the offensive line and will be a mentor to the young studs D'Brickashaw Ferguson and Nick Mangold. Still, there's no escaping he is on the downside of his fine career. Is it worth $8 million a year to find out that he can't produce like he once did?

How about Calvin Pace? Does having one good season (6.5 sacks with Arizona) translate into a new gig paying $7 million a year? Apparently, it does.

I'm hoping these new acquisitions perform up to the level of their expectations. Otherwise, that is one expensive of carton of eggs that Tannenbaum, Mangini and Johnson will be wiping off their faces.

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